cars, cars and cars

Much of our time these days is spent in the family room racing cars, lining up cars, making cars fly, telling the gentlemen to start their engines, fussing at Charlie because he has the car that Jay would like and so much more with cars. To say that Jay enjoys playing with cars would be an understatement of the century. Our child is OBSESSED with them. Which honestly is perfectly fine with me- they are super easy to throw in the bag and travel well, they entertain him for hours and he spends countless hours dreaming up all kinds of things for them to do. Seriously, this kiddo’s imagination is on overdrive these days!

Here’s a little snippet of the view I get to have day after day…

gentlemen start your engines!!

One thought on “cars, cars and cars

  1. I enjoy playing cars with Jay. It’s very scripted and I must stick to the script or do it over. It’s fun to see how is mind thinks!


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