Our little guy loves, loves, loves to climb in your lap and read a book.   Some days we read the same book over and over again and some days he will pull every book we own off of the shelf and have you read them all.  Either way I don’t mind- it’s great cuddle time and honestly the only time he sits still anymore…

I got these photos of him curled up with his blanket and book a few weeks ago, not sure why it’s taken me so long to share them.  He’s precious, just precious…

I also managed to take a few of us reading together, this is what my lap looks like so frequently…

books, babies(or big boys), blankets and the occasional kitty...

The blanket in the above photos is his baby blanket that I finally finished just shortly after Jay’s first birthday (better late than never) and I thought that it might be nice to grab a few photos of him with the blanket.  Ha!  Who was I kidding?   This kiddo is not going to sit still for that any more…

remember how I said he never sits still...

One thought on “reading

  1. That is the cutest picture of Jay reading! From a teacher’s heart you can never read enough, enjoy reading together.


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