sweet sleepy boy

I am not exactly sure when this happened, I think Jay must have been at camp, but a few weeks ago Charlie went down for his nap a little later than usual and since I didn’t want him to sleep all of the way into the afternoon and miss his afternoon nap I decided to go in and wake him up before it got too late. When I went in I am pretty sure I melted because this is what I saw…

A super sweet snoozing boy, just as peaceful as can be. I tip-toed back out to grab my camera and since he was sleeping so soundly I was able to even open the blinds a little to get some good photos without waking him up. So glad I did, I don’t often get to see the boys sleeping but I love it when I do.

Here he is snoozing and when he finally woke up- happy from the moment his eyes opened. Not really a shock here since he is rarely not smiling. Love, love, love this kiddo!!!

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