2010 in pictures

2010 has been a blessed and wonderful year for us.  However, I am super excited to see all that 2011 has in store for us!  Happy New Year Everyone!

January- We waited around, finished up last minute baby preparations and welcomed James Vickers Perreault Jr to our family.

February- We celebrated Valentines Day with our little love bug, enjoyed the Olympics, cuddled a lot and didn’t get much sleep.

March- We had visitors from Cananda (Great Grandma and Great Auntie Deb) and Asheville (Aunt Nicole), we spent a lot of time outside enjoying the weather and Daddy went back to work part time.

April- We celebrated Jay’s first Easter and Earth Day and we started sleeping through the night frequently.

May- We celebrated our first Mother’s Day, Jay laughed and rolled over for the first time, he met some more of his cousins (Mary Beth and Sean) and we took our first swim.

June- We celebrated our first Father’s Day, Jay started sitting up on his own and eating solid foods and we had another visit from Aunt Nicole.

July- We celebrated Canada Day, the Fourth of July, Jay’s baptism and Mom’s 28th birthday.

August- We sat in grass for the first time without a blanket, we enjoyed some really nice afternoons outside and we started scooting around on our belly.

September- We started going to the Library Storytime, planted our first garden, played at the park in the swings a lot, began crawling and we took our first trip to Terra Ceia.

October- Our little Jay Bird got his first set of wings, we ate our fill for Canadian Thanksgiving and we celebrated Daddy’s 30th birthday.

November- We (Jamie and I) celebrated 5 years of knowing each other, we hung out in the hammock a whole lot and we cruised to the Bahamas and Key West.

December- We decorated our house for the holidays, we (Kristen) baked a ton and we celebrated the holidays with tons of family.

halloween 2010

A few months ago (yes I started early) I was trying to figure out what Jay should be for Halloween when I stumbled across a Blue Bird pattern.  That was all I needed for the search to be over, what could be more perfect a Blue Jay costume for my little Jay Bird- um… I am pretty sure nothing is!  I worked on his costume a little each night last week (I looked early for the idea but I am really sort of a procrastinator) and am thrilled with how it turned out!  The pattern was not really good at all, thanks Martha Stewart for nothing, but Jamie and I were able to put our heads together and come up with the finished product- if you want to know how we did it feel free to ask but I won’t bore everyone else with the details.

It was a great first Halloween for all of us which included a wagon (nest) ride to visit Jamie’s family and deliver some yummy treats, a visit with Grandma and a few dozen or so photos to document the event…

Daddy pulling our nest and little Jay Bird

Jay Bird and the bird watchers

bird watchers and their cute find- nice job Mimi on the picture
Jay in his nest (Jamie and I had fun nesting this morning)
"ohohoh" making his owl noise- wrong bird but...
Daddy looking for rare red crested Jay Birds
watching the airplanes go by in the front yard

flying high

playing a bit

I have been toying with the idea of setting up a photo booth in our house for quite some time- just for fun and for something different.  It still needs a bunch of work (not all of the kinks are out yet) but I did take a few shots with it this afternoon before going on tour with Jay Bird…