halloween 2010

A few months ago (yes I started early) I was trying to figure out what Jay should be for Halloween when I stumbled across a Blue Bird pattern.  That was all I needed for the search to be over, what could be more perfect a Blue Jay costume for my little Jay Bird- um… I am pretty sure nothing is!  I worked on his costume a little each night last week (I looked early for the idea but I am really sort of a procrastinator) and am thrilled with how it turned out!  The pattern was not really good at all, thanks Martha Stewart for nothing, but Jamie and I were able to put our heads together and come up with the finished product- if you want to know how we did it feel free to ask but I won’t bore everyone else with the details.

It was a great first Halloween for all of us which included a wagon (nest) ride to visit Jamie’s family and deliver some yummy treats, a visit with Grandma and a few dozen or so photos to document the event…

Daddy pulling our nest and little Jay Bird

Jay Bird and the bird watchers

bird watchers and their cute find- nice job Mimi on the picture
Jay in his nest (Jamie and I had fun nesting this morning)
"ohohoh" making his owl noise- wrong bird but...
Daddy looking for rare red crested Jay Birds
watching the airplanes go by in the front yard

flying high

One thought on “halloween 2010

  1. What a cutie! Great costume. Good thing you don’t have to wear a ski jacket under the costume like up here in Canada. Remember those days Kristen.


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