jay’s first solo

Jay loves the book “Frosty the Snowman” and asks for us to “read” it to him multiple times daily. The book contains all the words to the song, so Kristen and I sing the book to him. Tonight at dinner, we realized that not only was he asking for us to sing it, he was attempting to sing it himself! So here you go, grandparents, enjoy the song!

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Jay, meet Charlie

Today, Jay met Charlie for the first time. I don’t think their meeting could have gone any better than it did! Scroll down to see what I mean…

it has feet too!

I want to touch his hair


"I think I like this"


"Yes, I definitely like this"


a guys’ weekend

This past weekend, I (Jamie) spent a few days away with extended family. Although not restricted to just my male family members, it somehow turned out that way. I guess none of the women thought that 2+ days of nothing but fishing intermixed with food and drink was appealing. Either that or they don’t enjoy sharing their days with gnats, mosquitoes, yellow flies and no-see-ums. The 10 of us that went had a blast, caught a ton of fish, ate like kings, played countless rounds of pool and generally just enjoyed the company. Below are selected photos from the long weekend. I apologize for not getting pictures of everyone; I blame the fish for distracting me from the camera.

you may have heard

that good sleep is not a regular thing around the Perreault household right now.  We are getting neither quality nor quantity right now; which when you are a person that needs sleep a whole awful lot (ie me and Jamie) it makes for a pretty stinky situation.  Here’s one of my coping methods…

Looking at these makes me realize that sleep is possible for our little Jay Bird- woohoo!  We are making progress, it’s slow but steady, and that’s progress none the less.