Dolce passed away on April 6, 2012 (Good Friday).

We will post more pictures (and maybe a few stories) from Dolce’s life soon. We miss him very much.

8 thoughts on “Dolce

  1. So sorry to hear about Dolce’s passing. He was a wonderful pet, and we will all miss him. Your family (especially Jamie) are in our thoughts and prayers.


  2. Dolce lived up to his name every minute – he was one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. We all will miss him, but I know that his loss is especially hard on Jamie. Animals are always a special part of our families.


  3. I know that you are very sad and I send you my sympathy. Our pets are so much a part of our lives. They give us pleasure and comfort. Remember the fun that Dolce brought to your lives.


  4. Dolce was my special friend that i enjoyed sharing bites of my sub sandwiches with when i had lunch with the 4 of you.. i will miss his friendly greeting to me when i would come to your home.. he will be especially missed by Jamie and the other 3 members of his family but he will be a positive addition in cat heaven.. Grandpa Jim V…


  5. I feel your loss as a kindred cat lover….they are the best of furry friends.
    And so perfectly named was Dolce. How lucky to have him so long.


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