Curious Dolce

Over the past couple weeks, we have been looking through our old pictures, remembering Dolce. We hope you enjoy this and a few currently-under-development posts that will appear over the next few weeks. As Dolce was one of our original “kids”, we have plenty of photos by which to remember him.

Like all good cats, Dolce was very curious. He participated in numerous furniture assembly projects and new-purchase unboxings. Always wanting to be where the action was, he was an integral part of our lives through all events, large and small.

This "pet series" machine was overwhelmed by the amount of hair that our house contains
Dolce never missed an opportunity to try out new furniture, especially if it contained cubbies (boxes)
Helping Jamie assemble new furniture
Trying out the new furniture. This became a favorite spot for Dolce
Jamie assembling a dresser, with his helpers
Dolce was usually on top of any new box, but was content to yield his normal spot to Jay as needed
He just had to be a part of any event


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