so this happened…

We are now the proud owners of a Sport Truck.  More commonly known as a Minivan; however, while signing our life away on the paperwork we happened to notice that the official name was a Toyota Truck (Sport Model) and that is all that I needed; there is no turning back- Sport Truck it is!!  It rolls off the tongue a little better and doesn’t make me cringe (I never, never thought I would see the day that I was driving a van) :)

The short version is that a new vehicle has been on our mind lately.  It’s no secret that we are hoping for a third kiddo at some point and there is no way that we could fit three carseats in my current Ford Escape.  Having the two boys in the back was already a tight squeeze and we knew that three just wouldn’t work.  Oh and since we have been asked- NO, we are not pregnant again, we just really didn’t want to have to rush into a decision when the time comes.   So we started looking and were hoping to get a Toyota Highlander.  We were thinking that we would be able to get away with putting Jay’s carseat in the third row of the Highlander and have Charlie and someday-baby in the second row.  However, after we took a look at them on the lot we realized that they aren’t made to have carseats in the way back (there is no LATCH system- ie a seat that is intended to host a carseat) and the storage with the third row up was next to none so we started looking at the vans.  As chance would have it they had one that fit our needs and we signed on the dotted line (lines actually- man there is a whole lot of paperwork!!)  So now we are the proud owners of a garnet 2011 Toyota Sienna- or Sport Truck if you will :)  We aren’t especially excited about the car payments we now have (both of the other cars were paid off) but we are thrilled that we found something that works for us and for what it means for the future!

We didn’t get the Sport Truck home until after the boys had already gone to bed last night so before Jamie headed to work we took Jay out to see his new ride.  He was very excited about it and he is even more excited that we have room for other people to now ride with us (it’s an 8 passenger)!

Charlie is a thumb sucker but he usually doesn’t do it unless he is going to bed… sweet boy must have still been tired this morning. So glad I caught it on camera :)

9 thoughts on “so this happened…

  1. As a past owner of an 8-passenger Chevy Suburban, I can attest to the usefulness of such a vehicle. All those seats will come in handy numerous times as your family grows. Enjoy!


  2. Congratulations. A new car is always great fun. It is so nice to have some extra room. Enjoy and be safe. It is sharp looking, and I love the color.


  3. Congratulations! It is always fun to have a new car. We always can use the extra space. I really like the color. Enjoy and be safe.


  4. I guess that’s what happens when you turn 30, eh? Get a van.

    Jeremy has been looking at potential vans for us as well. Not too sure how I feel about it yet. But I love yours (your sports truck, that is)!

    BTW, Jay just cracks me up in those pictures.


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