pumpkin pickin’

We headed out the pumpkin patch last week with the boys to go pumpkin picking.  In the years past we have headed out to St Lukes they have a great patch and great people working it but since it isn’t close to our house and we were going before supper on a week night we decided it was best to stay a little closer to home (a good choice that was confirmed by the crying and tears from tired hungry boys on the ride home).  I fully intended on bringing home a large pumpkin to carve along with a few small ones for the kiddos to paint.  However, when we got there Jay couldn’t be bothered to pick a large pumpkin he just wanted to load and unload the small pumpkins in and out of the wagon and pull it up and down the aisles.  It definitely wasn’t worth fighting with him to pick a large one when he was perfectly happy towing the small ones around and while he did that Charlie crawled on and around any pumpkin we would sit him next to.  We ended up bringing home $2.25 in tiny pumpkins and both boys had a blast- definitely a win as far as I am concerned!

sorry for the overload of photos, I am making up for lost blogging time ;)

this is one of Charlie’s new silly faces

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