serious house projects

Jamie and I have had some serious house projects going on lately. Within the last 6 months we have re-painted every room in the house with the exception of the bedrooms and the kitchen and along with that we have polished, sealed and waxed the terazzo floors in the office (which was a HUGE job and mostly done by Jamie), purchased and updated (are updating) some second hand furniture for the family room, hung new window toppers in some of the rooms among many, many others things. I am excited to be able to show some before and after photos soon; however, we have a few more things to finish before it’s ready for “after” photos. Until then enjoy these few of the kiddos using our bookshelves (which until yesterday afternoon were in the middle of our family room) as tunnels. They loved the new family room addition and I am glad to have survived it ;)

it wasn’t as high as mr dramatic makes it seem, besides he got there all on his own

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