berry delicious

Over the weekend we packed up the boys and headed to Pappy’s Patch, the place where we have picked strawberries this year and last, to take advantage of their last picking weekend.  The strawberries were few and far between (the season is way past); however, our mission was blueberries.  Sadly, not long after we arrived we realized that the blueberries were also pretty picked over.  We did our best to get what we could, and we did get some delicious blueberries, but we were a little disappointed with our pickings.  That was until a group of ladies suggested we check out the pick your own blackberry farm just down the road.  I was sold at the word black… so we packed up the boys and headed off.

Man am I SO glad that we did!!  The berries were/are delicious, they were super easy to pick (the bushes were thornless- AMAZING) and I found it much easier to do with Jay than strawberry or blueberry picking.  The way the blackberry bushes grow make it easy for little ones to pick and the farm was set apart from the parking lot so I felt better about Jay just running around on his own.

We have been eating the berries by the handfuls every day since picking them but still have a whole bunch left so I am looking at either of these two recipes… probably both and if we still have some leftover then maybe some jam- we’ll see!

Blackberry Fool or Honey Yogurt Pops

Rows and rows of bushes with my sweet trio of guys down at the end

2 thoughts on “berry delicious

  1. this blackberry farm looks like a real winner..

    i wish i liked blackberries and maybe if i tried one i would..


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