creative leftovers…

*Note- if you really aren’t interested in food and are here to see cute photos of our kiddos this is not the post for you.  Feel free to skip this one- really this is just a way for me to brag share how creative I was with our fridge contents ;)  Oh and by the way I am no chef or food blogger so these aren’t really recipes below- however, if you have any questions I would be happy to answer them…

After the shrimp boil we had a fair amount of food left over- a bunch of cooked potatoes, cooked corn, fresh corn, sausage and cooked shrimp.  In order for it not to go to waste and for me (Jamie couldn’t care less if we ate anything different from day to day) to not get sick of eating the same thing every night 5 days in a row I got creative with our leftovers and this is what I came up with-

Grilled Sausages- Jamie grilled the sausages and sautéed a few of the leftover mushrooms to top them.  I served this with baked oven fries– we used the cooked potatoes for this and they were delicious!!  The boil spices gave the oven fries a little extra kick!

Shrimp Tacos- this was a wing-it recipe… I stuffed our tortillas with shrimp that I chopped into bite sized pieces and then topped that with Avocado Slaw (or at least that is what I am going to call it)

avocado slaw-

1/2 Chopped Purple Cabbage

2 tbsp fresh Lime Juice

1 avocado pitted and chopped

salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all together and put it in tacos and top it with your favorite protein (we have used fried eggs, black beans and shrimp so far- all of which have been really good)

Shepherds Pie-

I caramelized one of our leftover onions, added that to cooked ground beef, threw in some cooked corn (cut from the husk), carrots from our co-op bounty that week, a can of tomato soup and topped it with mashed potatoes that I made from the leftover shrimp boil potatoes.  The spices in the already cooked corn and potatoes added some zing to the pie and it was really yummy.

Thai Peanut Shrimp Pizza-

I chopped the last of the cooked shrimp, some green onion, purple cabbage and peanuts and then threw it all of a top of a pizza dough covered with a homemade thai peanut sauce (again a wing-it ‘recipe’) and swiss cheese.  This was really tasty and we had enough for leftover pizza another night.

Hamburgers with charred (leftover) onions served with smashed potoes– a Pioneer Women recipe that is fantastic and a great use of already cooked potatoes.

I also plan to make red beans and rice with the last of the leftover sausage but that won’t be right away.  Not sure I spent much less on our groceries this week but we sure didn’t let anything go to waste, so I consider that a win ;)


One thought on “creative leftovers…

  1. i could go for the dish with the shrimp and the one with the onions.. i’m unsure of some of the other ones but you should know where Jamie (he could eat the same thing 5 nights a week) gets that eating habit.. from me!

    the dishes are pleasing to the eyes and i’m sure very tasty but just give me my Grandma’s Chicken & Rice, a can of green beans with potatoes and 2 pieces of wheat bread with mayo and sugar..

    great grandpa V.


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