super weekend

We had a super weekend- lots of great family time, lots of things accomplished and checked off of our list, lots and lots of fun!

Jay has been wearing the Superman Cape that my Dad gave him pretty frequently these days (it’s fantastic and I LOVE that he asks to wears it out in public- it usually gets a lot of smiles from strangers too).  On Saturday he wore it to lunch at Hot Dog Heaven.  He had a great time flying with Daddy after lunch and I was lucky to capture a few of these gems.

*Note… if you are faint at heart you may not want to scroll down too far for there is most definitely children “flying” the air ;)


And just so Charlie didn’t feel left out, he got to fly too!

Both boys LOVE this by the way and none of the photos were Photoshopped ;)

5 thoughts on “super weekend

  1. I LOVE these flying pictures! Jay’s face and body language says how much he loves it too. And Jamie does the perfect job of launching the children into space and then helping them land safely. I think he gets that talent from his dad.


  2. Wonderful pictures of great times with Jay and Charlie. Jay looks so happy in the air. And Charlie looks like he enjoys the beginner’s course in “flying” with his daddy. I’m certainly glad that the boys get to practice their flying technique. Let’s make sure that Jamie stays up on HIS technique, also. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh my gosh!! Those pictures are fabulous!! Good thing I wasn’t there in person to witness the flying. I like it better in the photos :-)


  4. These pictures are wonderful. They take my breath away and leave me smiling. I can’t imagine that the pictures would not win a prize somewhere. Jamie has sure hands and Jay has the innocent joy of childhood. Thank you for sending these for me to see. See you on Saturday.


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