simply done cuisine

My crazy talented brother-in-law just launched his cooking blog, Simply Done Cuisine.  To say that he is talented would be an understatement- seriously the boy can COOK!!!!  He is posting some super delicious recipes along with fun videos on how to make everything- really you NEED to check it out.  Each episode allows you to cook two meals out of one set of ingredients; so after cooking you end up with one meal for tonight and one for tomorrow.  Yup, you read that correctly- one for today and one for tomorrow!!  I know that my crazy busy Mom friends are singing his praises right now.  Seriously, less time spent in the kitchen these days is so worth it because I honestly have so many better things to do- playing cars and Charlie snuggles trump most things!

So this is he, Jeremiah, with my sister-in-law (Jamie’s sister)- yes they are fantastically adorable together.

And here’s some food photos to get your tummy growling.  This dish was so delicious that Jamie and I had it twice in one week- once at the filming and then again when we made it ;)  Actually we ate the pasta 3 times since we had enough leftovers for two meals- bonus!!

All this to say check it out, you won’t be sorry!

2 thoughts on “simply done cuisine

  1. I can confirm that Jeremiah’s food is delicious!!! Can’t wait to get up to Asheville later this month for a visit. I’m sure we’ll be eating some delicious meals!!


  2. It was so much fun doing the show in Florida. We’ll have to do it again when we come back to town. We are having a blast with the show. This week, pork! Love you!


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