friday phone dump- a lot late

Since I have enjoyed having the opportunity to share all of those random phone photos that I take throughout the week here’s another Friday phone dump… I know it’s almost a week late but there are some really cute ones that I just had to share!

1. Jay checking in on Charlie during his nap

2. sleeping baby

3 & 4 painting decorations for his party

5. finished product

6. about half of the cars that I found in Jay’s bed after his nap

7. one of Jay’s new favorite “hiding” places

8. sleeping baby again

9. sweet boys- a favorite

10. happy boy

11. chubby kitty

12. giraffe lovey

13. tastes better when you wear it

14. thumb sucking success!

15. outside weeding with Mom

16 & 17 duplo, duplo and more duplo

18. happy little boy

19. hiding in a box

20. squishy baby in my carrier

21. the result of captain destructo- I found this after his nap

22. all smiles for the birthday boy at breakfast

23. indoor race track side the weather was less than desirable outside

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