on your mark, get set- go!

As I have said before Jay is obsessed with cars right now.  He plays with them morning, noon and night and we always have at least a few with us.  So what better theme than cars for Jay’s second party, right?  Right!  While not near as much time went into this party as it did for Jay’s 1st birthday bash, I still had fun coming up with (and finding) ideas for his party.  Here’s a few of the details…

I have been playing around with a program called Artboard lately, it’s a design tool that allows me to make graphics etc. I am by no means great at it but I am really having fun and that is the most important part. The weekend that Jamie was in Jacksonville I put together this invite for his party.

I didn’t put up a whole lot of decorations for this party; however, earlier in the week I did let Jay paint some small wooden cars that we had out on the tables. He also painted and put stickers all over some paper cars that we had (and after the party I used the back of those cars as thank you notes- yay for double duty projects!).

Here’s our “Refueling Station”… we served pulled chicken sandwiches both BBQ and buffalo style from crockpots that we set up in the kitchen (this was super easy and I would recommend it to anyone who would like an easy party meal). Along with the sandwiches we had apple and grape cars, stoplight sugar cookies (this is the best sugar cookie recipe btw), chips, carrots and cake. I baked a vanilla bean cake, frosted it with this delicious buttercream icing recipe and then decorated it like a track. I considered putting some cars on the track but Jamie vetoed that idea and it probably wouldn’t have been a great idea since Jay was within arms reach of the cake.

drinks table- it shows a few of the hand painted car decorations

The only other thing that I did for his party was to make a masking tape racetrack on the office floor (although this wasn’t really done for his party but as rainy day entertainment from earlier in the week-we kept it up for the party) and I built him a cardboard box car. I had seen a Lightning McQueen cardboard box car on pintrest and decided to give it a whirl. I loved how it turned out and Jay has had fun playing with it too.

and yes, the lights really do work- they are tap lights ;)
my favorite photo from the day :)
this is pretty much how Jay looked as soon as his guests arrived... non- stop motion (btw- he is wearing his self decorated birthday hat)
cake! or should I say frosting...

4 thoughts on “on your mark, get set- go!

  1. fun fun fun birthday party!!! And now that we’ve seen the Cars Movie … we understand the fascination.

    Love you all … (Great) Aunt Holly


  2. It was a fabulous birthday party, Kristen! The food was delicious and the decorations were “inspired”!Jay was so excited with all his guests and enjoyed opening his gifts and spending time with each one. It was a wonderful celebration for Jay Bird and his family.


  3. WOW…a fantastic set up. Kristen, you are so creative. Your talent puts the rest of us to shame. I hope your boys will always appreciate your talent. What kid would not have loved the cars and food and decorations? Kudos to you.


  4. THAT was a wonderful party, Kristen? What a happy birthday for Jay. I love the red box car Jay was dragging around and pretending to sit in. That was so cute. What a good idea to have Jay help you with the cake and decorations. Happy birthday to sweet Jay. He is a love. Great Grandma Margaret


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