keep the love cookin’

Nicole and Jeremiah are getting married!!!  I have been wanting to post congrats for the longest time, but waited a little bit so they could be the first to share the news and then well time got away from me- what else is new these days?  Their wedding is in the works for October of this year and I couldn’t be more happy for the two of them.  Here’s a photo of the happy couple from our beach trip…

The Saturday before heading down to Anna Maria Island I had the pleasure of hosting a shower Nicole.  She (unfortunately) lives in Asheville so we don’t get to see her as often as we would like and had to be creative about when we could celebrate but the stars aligned and it was a good time!

I went for a cooking theme since Nicole’s husband to be is a chef and the love to cook together.  Guests brought recipes that were mailed with the invite.  I am putting those recipes together, along with a few other family recipes that I wanted to share with them, in a family cookbook. I decorated with a bunch of beautiful cookbooks that I borrowed from family members, floating candles in mason jars, and a few other random kitchen items here and there.  For games, I had Jeremiah answer a bunch of questions about Nicole and we played our version or the “Newly Wed Game”, we had a-name-that-spice-game and also a memory game where guests had to remember the kitchen items that were on an apron that Nicole was wearing when everyone first arrived.  I gave guests fresh herbs that Jamie and I got the week before at the farmers market (Jamie helped me plant them in cute pots) for winning the games.  Along with the invites that I made, I made some wedding advice Mad Libs that made for great conversation over lunch.

I honestly wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked to but here are a few from the ones I got…

The invite that I made, it's not a Nan Knight design, but it still makes me smile. Especially for being my first time playing around with anything like this.
the mad lib
party favors

the table all set and ready- the herbs were centerpieces and prizes
cookbooks and strawberry bruschetta
recipe book in the making
group photo
the bride and her Momma (my awesome mother-in-law)

Oh yeah- here’s the menu and links to some of the food that we had if you want to try any of the recipes!

Becky’s Yummy Punch- no recipe here just a great recommendation from a good friend

Strawberry Bruschetta

Eggplant Marinara Flatbread

Tomato Herb Flatbread

Salted Brown Butter Rice Crispy Treats– so much better than regular rice crispy treats and definitely worth the extra effort in my opinion

Mini Raspberry Fruit Tarts- I don’t have a recipe for these either, sorry they are just one of my made up concoctions :)

Cream Cheese Sugar Mints

7 thoughts on “keep the love cookin’

  1. I thought that pitcher of cool fruity delicious-ness looked familiar. I’m glad it went so well! You’re a great party planner and hostess!


  2. Hi! I’ve been searching all night for a bridal shower invite idea revolving around the theme “Breakfast with the Bride”- I came across this lovely post and fell in love with the invite that you made! I know this is random, but would you mind sharing the template or giving me a start on how/what program you used to make the invite? I would SO appreciate it, as invites need to go out by the start of next week!



    1. Holly,
      I am sorry for the delayed response- my computer has been on the fritz for about two weeks now and I just now got a chance to “steal” a few minutes on my hubby’s machine. I made the invitation in a program called Artboard (a design program for Macs) and basically hand drew the pot and details using my tablet. Unfortunately, I don’t have a template or even the ability to make one for you- all of that is on my computer :( and on top of that I am by no means all that fantastic at giving directions… Sorry I couldn’t have been more help to you.

      I hope you had some luck figuring out invitations for the shower you were hosting and would love to see what you came up with if you post anything about it. Please stop by again if you can, I will be back posting regularly when my computer is up and running and we love having visitors!



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