udderly fantastic day…

Yesterday Staci and her herd came by the house, yes in the middle of the torrential down pour, to make cow costumes with us. Why you ask?  So we could all head to chick-fil-a today for Cow Appreciation Day and get free meals.  No, there is not a limit to what stay-at-home Momma’s on a budget will do for entertainment and free food.  Free meals were received, moo-ing noises were made and good times were had!  Honestly it was udderly fantastic and so worth it :)

Here’s some photos of our group.  It took a lot of coordinating to get 7 kids and 3 adults (Mandy, a friend of ours, and her three kiddos joined us too) dressed and fed but it was worth it and I think that the kids had a good time.  Heck, who am I kidding I had a good time…

moo-ve over here comes one cute cow!
"Not too sure about this Mom..." Honestly though, he did great and didn't even rip off his spots or udders until after lunch- yea Jay!! He even loved the big dressed up cow and mooed everytime he saw it :)
this Momma and her adorable calf
his tail!
Sophie- Staci's middle cow
cow smiles
mooing for the camera
three little cows, by the way Brock (Staci's oldest cow) is on the far left
the 9 of us- Mandy's youngest is less than a month old and opted not to be in the photo
Staci and most of her herd- Brock on the right, Eli on the left

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