holiday cards

I love, love, love sending (as well as getting) holiday cards each year and I get so excited to start sending them out.  This year Jamie, Jay and I met up with Nan, Jeremy and Leyton to get family photos for the cards- I took theirs, she took ours and man-o-man do I love how they turned out!!  I am super, duper lucky to have a wonderful and talented friend, Nan, who is willing to put up with my crazy ideas (trespassing in an orange grove to get family photos done) and then design my holiday card each year.  She is amazing, trust me, and I love everything that she has ever done for me and she’s done a lot.

Since, I sent them the week before Christmas and I am assuming everyone has already gotten them; I am going to post a few more from that day that didn’t make it on to the card but are too good not to share…

a picture of the ginormous pile of cards that we sent before they were dropped off a the post office- we send close to 80 each year

great one of my guys
precious, just precious
one, two, three- wee!! probably my favorite from the day

5 thoughts on “holiday cards

  1. I’m really disappointed that the out takes of spit up in Jamie’s hair didn’t make the blog.

    Glad they turned out well!


  2. I loved all of the the wonderful familiy pictures. I especially liked the one of Jay with you and Jamie holding Jay’s hand.


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