today I am…

I should probably say 5 days ago I was… but we’re not really counting.  Jamie, Jay and I have been unplugged for most of the Christmas holidays and it has been so nice!  So please excuse the tardiness of this 11 month post, it doesn’t mean that it was any less appreciated or celebrated.


Height- 28.5 no change from last month

Weight- 19lbs 2oz

Teeth- 7, one more than last month and oh so close to 8!

Things of note:

*Jay has always taken great interest in the things around him and has been quite the observer.  However, now he is points things out to us.  Frequently, we will hear this sweet “ohh” come out of his mouth while he points at something.  It’s adorable and I love, love, love it!

*I told you a while back that we were going to work on baby sign language well we have (although not as much as I would like) and Jay now knows the sign for juice, airplane, and more and can sign fan and milk.  I am sill working on finished- I think that would be far more useful than fan…

*Jay has started dancing just within the last week or so.  It is adorable and it cracks me up.  He bobs up and down along (kind of) with the music- I love it.  He also bobs up and down when he gets excited over things.

*Jay has always loved peek-a-boo however, he has started playing it ALL of the time now.  Anything that can be held in front of his face or that he can hide behind is fair game.  I especially love when he holds up things that he can see around or through and he still thinks he is hiding. Jamie and I are frequently wondering “where’s Jay?” and it never ceases to entertain him and therefore we continue to look for him.

*His balance has improved by leaps and bounds this past month.  He is constantly standing on his own and he now bends and squats while standing and maintaining balance.  He is also quite the cruiser right now.  He still prefers to crawl (it’s faster); however, he can walk around and between furniture/walls/etc.

*He talks loudly and frequently.  Jamie and I sometimes find ourselves yelling over him just so we can hear each other.

*He has started playing shy with strangers.  When people talk to him in public he will rest his head on my or Jamie’s shoulder and snuggle in- something that both of us hate ;-).  He has gotten to where he will smile back at them but it does take a minute for him to react.


*Food- honestly he loves most everything that is put in front of him (as long as it has flavor); however, his current favorites are Chili (he loves it spicy too), blueberries, yogurt, prunes and gingerbread cookies (yes- he was spoiled over the holidays).

*Wagon Rides– these still remain constant at the top of his list.  He loves to be outside!

*His animals!!  He seriously gets excited every time any one of them (Dolce, Bella or Piper) comes in view and he will follow them until they can’t be seen anymore and when they get out of view he crawls, strains, pulls up etc until he is able to see them again. Our furry children are a constant recipient of his “ohhs” and finger pointing.  He has even started hugging them- he will put his head down on them and pat them a little.  So, so precious!

*Crawling through the chair and table legs in the kitchen and dinning room.  He loves the obstacle course that they provide for him and it is even more fun if he has something that he can drag through the course with him.

*Balloons- this will be a must for his birthday party-  thanks Nan and Leyton for the introduction to them!


*Sitting still for diaper changes or getting dressed- basically sitting still in general.

*Being hungry.  This little boy can pack it away (10th percentile- ha!) and he can get pretty darn mad when his belly is empty.

love those toes
sharing his toys with Daddy (whom you can't see)
love those lashes
I just think this one is funny- Mr. Cool...

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