today I am…

I blinked and month 9 happened upon us!  Seriously month 8 flew by; maybe because I spent the majority of the month trying to keep up with this cutie patootie!


Length- 28 inches- 50%(an extra inch longer than last month)

Weight- 17lbs 6oz- 10% the Doctor said that it was normal for some kiddos to go down in weight at this age and not to worry at all about it. My guess is that he was lucky enough to have inherited his Daddy’s genes- the skinny kind.

Head- 45cm- 50% Not that this is real important but I have the info so I will share it.

Teeth- 6 although he is trying really, really hard to get his other bottom two to pop through

Hair- Red and Curly- the longer it gets the more curls he grows out the back, it’s sweet- so sweet

Things of Note:

*I know I said Jay was fast last month but seriously this  kid can move!  He has gotten to be one fast crawler.  He can get anywhere he wants and quickly now- I am pretty sure watching him play in the family room resembles somewhat of a time lapse video sped way up.

*We are pulling up on everything we can get our hands on right now- tables, couches, cribs, dogs, trash cans (eww- his is currently sitting up in his wagon right now so he can’t get to it), toilets (yuck- but they do make really great drums with the lids down), etc.  He cruises a little bit, taking a few steps at a time but hasn’t gotten too adventurous yet.

*We are deliberately waving now.  He will wave right at you after being told to “Wave Bye” or “Wave Hi”.  He also waves randomly- maybe he’s hinting that he is done with whatever the task at hand is or doing it just because- I am not sure.  He is still clapping but the wave is his only prompted trick to date, we are working on others…


*Kitty and Puppy Food Dishes- He will make a mad dash for these every time he is in the kitchen and thinks he can get away with it.  I mean they are really fun- especially the kitty ones that shower you with all kinds of little “prizes” when you dump them over (Piper’s are always empty when he gets to them).

*Shoelaces, Ribbons, Strings, Cords- actually anything long and skinny- frequently he drags our shoes around the house by the laces or will stand at the coffee table with them dangling at his feet.  This is all well and good, except for when he gets excited and is holding a string/ribbon/etc since he effectively turns himself into a crawling kitty toy.

*Humming and “talking” while his ears are underwater- he loves the sound and we think it’s pretty funny too

*Watering the Garden with Daddy- flaps his arms up and down in excitement (true Jay Bird style) when his Daddy gets home and takes him outside.  I mean what could be better- hanging out with Dad, being outside or um… both?

*Our new carseat- we sit higher, we can see out the window more- enough said.  Seriously, we have one curious, curious little boy on our hands.

*Mama’s Singing and Dancing- he will stop just about anything that he is doing and smile when I start singing.  I think it’s because he loves the sound of my voice; you can choose to think otherwise just don’t tell me!  He also thinks it is absolutely hilarious when I dance- seriously he would have fallen out of the highchair multiple times already from laughing if he wasn’t buckled in.  Both of these things make the lunch and dinner hours much, much more fun.

*Feeding himself- Jay really enjoys feeding himself right now which is fun and new but can be rather messy.  Especially when he grabs the spoon from my hand (he has quite the death grip folks) and bangs it on the tray over and over again.  This is usually the point during his feeding that I give up and let him have the spoon until he is done playing drummer boy and we can resume eating.  The Doctor gave us the go ahead today to try anything that we wanted with Jay food wise (aside from things that would be choking hazards, Nuts or Nut Products, Shellfish and Egg Whites).  He basically said that we could look at our plates, ask ourselves what Jay couldn’t have and let him try anything else that was on it.  Yahoo- let the taste testing begin!!


?? Again I am not really sure what to put here although he is starting to dislike when we take things away from him that he shouldn’t have.  I have started using the word “No” much more frequently now- this is going to be an uphill battle I am sure!

I wish, I wish, I wish you all could hear his laugh during these pictures- it just gets me!
helping Daddy put the blocks away after the shoot

and two from the Doctor’s appointment today…

Daddy helping to entertain Jay while waiting for the Doctor

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