rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

Up until this point we have been carrying Jay pretty much everywhere we go; either in a Bjorn or my carrier.  It has been really convenient and I have actually loved it.  However, since he is getting heavier and because it is so hot outside carrying him has become less comfortable.  Don’t believe me- strap a heated 15lb weight to your chest and head out for a walk and let me know if you’re comfy…

That being said, from day one Jay has disliked his car seat and, therefore, his snap and go stroller- it’s the same chair and all so it’s understandable.  I hesitated to use the travel system stroller that was lent to us by his Aunt and Uncle since it was pretty big and bulky but after sweating to death one day last week while wearing him I asked Jamie to pull it out for me.  Boy am I glad that I did!  Jay loves, loves, loves it!  I think that he could honestly hang out in that thing all day long if he needed to. He’ll prop one leg up on the tray in front of him and sit back and relax for the whole ride.  Makes me really excited for when we can turn his car seat around since I am sure that he will prefer riding that way in the car too.

excited about his "new" ride!

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