i scream, you scream

we all scream for Yogurt!! Yogurt just doesn’t have the same ring to it that Ice Cream does; however, it was yummy just the same…

Yesterday, Jamie and I took Jay and Piper over to Baldwin Park, grabbed some frozen yogurt and walked around the lake a little bit.  They have just opened up one of those “you top it” yogurt places in near the Publix in Baldwin Park and I wanted to try it out (I really just needed an excuse to have soft serve frozen yogurt).  It was a very nice treat on such a hot day and a wonderful end to our three day weekend, I am sure it will be something that we don’t do just once…

Can I please have some, pretty please!! He has been reaching for the camera frequently when I photograph him so I have a few of these type of shots- good thing I think they are cute!

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