i think we have created a monster…

I mean that in the best way possible of course, since we have created a book monster!! We read a whole lot of books around our house- Jay loves looking at the pictures while sitting in our lap and listening to us read.  In fact, it has been one of my favorite baby gifts to receive; especially if it is one that the giver loved or remembered as a child!  I love adding to Jay’s library especially with all of the titles that I loved as a child.  The older he gets the more his attention span has grown and I have actually been able to get through some long stories with him lately.  That being said, right now his favorite “book” is his Sassy book- which has no words at all!  He will sit for quite a while and flip through the pages (all on his own) it really truly is so adorable!

2 thoughts on “i think we have created a monster…

  1. So cute. You and I must have been channeling each other again…I took some of L with his books the other day!


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