hurry up and wait…

I resolved myself months ago to the fact that I wouldn’t know exactly when this little bambino would enter the world; however, the “hurry up and wait” game has become not as fun as I thought it to be originally. I have NEVER claimed to be a patient person so as you can probably tell this has not been easy for me; which means that it has pushed Jamie closer to Sainthood for dealing with me :-) I would just like to meet my little one, hold him and cuddle him- is that too much to ask? I don’t think so…

We have been “prepared” for a while now; I use quotes when I say prepared since we truly believe that you are never prepared to bring a child into the world. However, we are as ready as we can be- the freezer, pantry and extra toiletries are stocked, the house is clean, the laundry is done, his laundry is done, his room is ready, we have way more things than we could possibly ever need for him, we’ve taken classes- I think you probably get the picture by now although I am sure that I could keep going. We are prepared but now we are in this odd stage of maintenance, maintaining the preparation that we have done. It’s weird, we have food in the house that is easy to prepare and ready to eat but neither one of us wants to eat it (why would we want to decrease our supply?) Last night we had publix subs and I am not sure what is on the menu tonight, maybe eggs. I also have this odd feeling that I should keep doing small loads of laundry just to make sure that it’s kept up with- it’s crazy and OCD I know. This is our conundrum as of late, we are sitting around forced to just wait, if you have any suggestions/ coping mechanisms please let me know… We are going to enjoy the long weekend, sleep in and try not to guess when he will come- or at least that is what we are (or I am) telling ourselves.
By the way, everything is going well. I have been a little more tired than usual and my upper back is starting to bother me pretty consistently but other than that we don’t have any complaints- which means we are blessed. I will continue to keep you posted as we go along, thanks for all of the well wishes and questions of concern- we love you all.

even the animals are just hanging around waiting…

2 thoughts on “hurry up and wait…

  1. My advice is to sleep as much as possible! My back really started hurting towards the end, but other than that I felt good like you seem to! Okay, back to my advice, sleep and do ANYTHING that you know you wont get to for a long time! Enjoy these last few days!


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