preparations being made

A few pictures of some random preparations…

The Little Guy’s Room:
We have had the nursery done for quite some time but I haven’t posted any complete pictures so here you go…

rest assured the pictures have been ordered for that frame and they are on their way- it won’t hang empty on the wall for much longer
Car Seat Installation:
Probably the most notable thing that we have done recently was to put the car seat in the car this past weekend. Both of us were rather surprised on how easy it was to install; it honestly is pretty dummy-proof. It is kind of odd to drive around with it in the car: whenever I get out and walk away without it I wonder if people think that I am leaving a child in the car…
Here is a picture of it in the car which shows off the new cover that Mimi (Jamie’s mom) made for it; she did a fantastic job- it looks professionally made and I love the puppy dog print!!

4 thoughts on “preparations being made

  1. The room is adorable!! You did a wonderful job decorating it. Can't wait to see the pictures you chose for the frame. Now all it needs is the baby!! Won't be much longer now.


  2. Mom, I'm so impressed by that cover you made for the car seat! It's cute!! Yeah Kristen, the room looks so wonderful!! I showed these pictures to the people I work with and all my friends! I can't wait any longer for my nephew!!! :)


  3. SO cute! Can't wait for the little guy!!!! You guys are going to be the best parents ever. Let me know if you want to adopt me. :)


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