date night

One goal that Jamie and I set when we got married was to have a weekly Date Night; a night that is just for us. So often, we loose track of what is important in our lives- especially each other and we didn’t want that too happen to us. So, every Sunday since we married we have spent the evening together. Occasionally, we have not been able to keep date night on Sunday, but date night has a rescheduling rule- if we aren’t able to have date night on Sunday we have to intentionally reschedule it for later in the week (or earlier if we know about the conflict ahead of a time). I love Date Night!! We don’t always go out, actually we don’t really go out that frequently but we do spend quality one on one time together, it’s great. Sometimes we make dinner together, sometimes we watch a movie, sometimes we just curl up with a good book together, we have even had date afternoons and spent the afternoon out at the park together. Like I said, it’s great and I love it.

This past Sunday, we had an extra special date night. We dressed up, took pictures before we left (yes- this was Prom like) and went out for a very nice steak dinner. We had wonderful food, were seated at table that we could people watch and most of all we laughed and enjoyed each others company. It was wonderful! I know that things will change once our son comes but I know that we will never take for granted the time that we get to spend together. I love you dear…

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