Frost, really?

There was frost on my car this morning even after the sun had come up, yup, you heard correctly- frost. Not that I actually had to scrape it off and drive anywhere this frigid morning but my dear hubby did and for this I felt bad. I live in Florida folks and although I have been complaining about it being too hot for say the last 9 months (give or take) this is ridiculous! I would understand if I was in Canada- it’s a given there or even if I was in Hattiesburg- it’s further up North and it snows there every once in a while but we are in Florida where we have palm trees, beaches and the sun always shines. I, me my pregnant self and I, have had the heat on in the house the last few days, have been wearing numerous layers of clothing including socks and slippers and have been consuming warm beverages- what does this tell you? It tells you that with my size right now I probably resemble the Michelin Man and that baby it’s cold outside…

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