Holy Crap!!

So yesterday I had this moment, maybe it happened when I was scheduling the remainder of my appointments until our little one’s birth or maybe when I realized that I had lost track of how much time I spent in the bathroom that day, I am not quite sure; however, the moment went something like this…

I am pregnant! Holy Crap!!!!! How FREAKIN’ cool is that?!?!?
I know that you might be thinking “Is she crazy?? Hasn’t she realized that she is pregnant already? I mean, come on she will be 7 months this week!!” Nope, I hadn’t. It hadn’t sunk it yet for me. You would think that the positive preggo test, the multiple ultrasounds where I saw a baby, the crib in the room that we now refer to as the nursery, or the fact that my feet are becoming more and more difficult to see might have tipped me off a little but nope none of that did the trick…
So as of right now, I am sitting in the office chair bouncing with excitement and anxiously waiting for Jamie to get home so he can be excited with me! By the way, when I revealed this “moment” to him he simply said “welcome to the party honey!” This is a party I could get used to :-)

a picture from this past weekend- I think that it’s probably our first visibly preggo couple pic

5 thoughts on “Holy Crap!!

  1. Cute Pic!Guess what?You're PREGNANT!Then when the little tyke is about 2 months old, you will look at Jamie and say "Holy Crap- we have a KID!"


  2. You are adorable! Believe me we ALL have that moment and Nan is right too, you will have it again in a couple of months after the baby arrives. You look fantastic and so happy! God Bless you!


  3. What a lovely moment and even though it will be tough going at first remember that it is always worth it and that time flies quickly seeing that now I have a 29 year old and almost 27 year old as well, but it is so much fun watching the leaves from my tree grow and put down beautiful roots of their own. Love ya both sweetheart


  4. very funny. Some women love being pregnant and some don't . Glad you are having a good experience. Can't wait to meet the little man.


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