It’s a Boy!!

We have confirmation folks, it’s really and truly a little boy!! Jamie and I have a fisherman on the way! We had a wonderful check-up at the Dr on Monday, sorry for the delay with the update. The ultrasound went really well, all parts are accounted for and looking great! The ultrasound was actually really neat, aside from being able to see the little human that is growing inside of me, the tech pointed out and measured just about every body part imaginable: arms, legs, brain, eyes, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, she even showed us that our little one had liquid in his tummy from swallowing and thus liquid in his bladder (good thing I have been stocking up on diapers- this kid is ready). Like I said it was really neat to see. He was bouncing around for the first part of the ultrasound but towards the end he snuggled in and took a nap. I left there feeling great; our order had been placed correctly- one snuggle buddy that sleeps well is on his way! Jamie thinks that I am crazy, right now I will just call it a Mother’s Love and wishful thinking :-)

Here are a few pictures of our little butter bean, the nursery bedding (yes, we already had it) and a bump picture (for the many that have been asking)…

the confirmation

the first ultrasound that said he was a boy taken at 13 weeks- trust us it looks like a boy

picture of his little face- if you tilt your head to the left you are looking face to face (his arms are crossed below his chin)

the bedding both near and far. It is a modern fish print- so cute!

the bump picture from week 20 (last Saturday)

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