Birthday Milk

I have a confession- I love to check the dates on the milk jugs when I am shopping at Publix and I get really excited when they have an important date on them! Having an important date appear on the milk means that the date is really close and how can you not be excited about that? Yesterday when I ran to the store to grab a few things I practically skipped out of there because I had purchased birthday milk, I am serious it made my day!! Jamie’s birthday is a few weeks away and there was my reminder starring at me on our milk…

My first obsession with this came just a short time before our wedding when I stopped by Publix and the jug had our wedding date on it. I snatched up the milk, skipped home to Jamie and announced that we were getting married and we were getting married soon!! I was so excited, Jamie laughed at me thinking it was silly but took my picture with the milk for posterity’s sake. You should try it sometime, it’ll make your glass so much fuller :-)

it says “Jul 21” I promise

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