Jamie and I go back to the Dr tomorrow for our 20 week appointment!! Both of us are really excited to see the little butter bean again and to confirm the sex. Boy or Girl, what’s it going to be?? We have been unofficially told by the ultrasound tech that it is a little boy, there was a penis sighting but that will be confirmed tomorrow and I cannot wait!! I am really, really tired of calling it “it” and well I still kind of feel weird calling it a “he” since the sex hasn’t officially been confirmed. I will be sure to keep you all posted…

Everything else has been going really well and I have been feeling great! I felt the first confirmed “kick”two days ago and realized that I had felt it one other time about a week ago. It was a funny (and embarrassing) story that I am sure Jamie will tell too many people about but I will spare you (and me). I may take this back, when they baby is kickboxing my sides at night, but I want the little bean to move all of the time. It is just so cool.
We have also been hard at work in the baby’s room, putting together a dresser and the crib! I know I am OCD and probably way ahead of the game, but that’s how I like it. It’s also lots of fun to see that room take shape. Here are a few pics, because all posts are better with pics, of the building projects. More to come soon…

the dresser, it’s one million pieces and Jamie’s helpers

almost there, seriously the dresser took forever to put together!

the multiple boxes for the crib and bedding

the crib in progress, with helpers again (note the finished dresser in the background)

me and the baby next to the finished crib

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