Perreault Baby Pool

Before Jamie and I even realized that we were going to have our very own bundle of joy, we joked about starting a “Baby Pool” when we did get pregnant. Well I am now preggo and we have in fact started a baby pool. Don’t judge, we thought that it would be amusing if we gave people one more reason to be pulling for us (and certain traits, days, times etc.) while waiting for our wonderful bundle of joy to arrive. We sent out the entry form about a month ago now and have been receiving entries since then. Much to my surprise we have received 49 entries! Our winner is not only going to get the joy of knowing our kid but a wad of cash in their pocket- nice!

It has been really fun to see all of the entries come in, especially since we included a category for name. Thank you to everyone that entertained me during my weeks of pseudo bed rest! Some of the names were serious but others were just downright funny. We have posted a website to share all of the entires with you; we know our “poolers” (sorry for the awkward name but I am not sure what to call you since I am a newbie to this process) are anxious to know their current standing. Here’s the link, check it out and enjoy as much as we did!

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