no words…

Last weekend Jamie and I were in the truck headed probably to Hot Dog Heaven (although I cannot be sure) when a song came on the radio… I pause here because there are no words to describe this song. We were taken back, shocked and I would go as far as appalled after hearing the trio singing loud and proud “she’s rockin’ the beer gut” blah, blah, blah… yada yada. Yup, you read that correctly this song is about the wonders of a women- yes a female- rockin’ a beer gut!! Call me a prude but what?!?!? Since when do songs get written about beer guts and women’s beer guts at that?

Since Saturday this song as become sort of a joke between the dear hubby and I, we are past appalled to amused. Although my ever growing tummy bump has forced a change in lyrics to “she’s rocking the baby gut”. Yup, we do have a sense of humor and I hope that you do as well.
If you would like to waste 3 minutes of your life and have a laugh check out the oh so classy Trailer Choir (yes, I kid you not that is the name of this group) here. One of the members of the group is named Butter, yup the thing located in your fridge! I promise you will not be disappointed, you know you want to check it out. You can hear their music and view their videos on their site and as an extra bonus their music video is the Free on iTunes music video of the week! So hurry and download it before next Tuesday so you can have it for your very own…

One thought on “no words…

  1. Hey Kristen,Its Jenna, Nan's friend. I just had to say that the first time I actually saw the video on CMT…yes there is a video…I almost died…I could not believe a group sat around and wrote a song like this…I LOVE country music, but sometimes it goes a little far…


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