Yesterday was wonderful! Jamie had the day off so we were able to enjoy the whole day together; that in itself would have made the day amazing but fortunately the wonderfulness did not stop there!

We had our four month check up in the morning where I was given the all clear from bed rest- woohoo!! I was so excited I skipped to the car, literally! I was told that I could walk and go swimming again. Piper doesn’t know if yet but she will be so excited that she can return to her happy place- check out some of her most recent swim pics here. After our appointment we were able to catch up with Nan and Jeremy for lunch since they were on our side of town. We went to PR’s which is a really, really yummy Mexican restaurant (double yippee that I have my Mexican taste buds back, they had left me for awhile). After lunch Jamie and I were planning on spending the afternoon outside enjoying the weather but it happened to rain most of the day. We enjoyed the rest of the day regardless, tooling around and running a few errands. It was a terrific Tuesday.
Below are some pictures from lunch and then the requested bump pictures. My family up north has been asking to see the bump (which is growing steadily), so here it is…

the boys- Jeremy being a goof

goof, again

caught you smiling!!!

Me and Nan :)

the bump- the first picture is two weeks ago when I was 15 weeks along and the second is from last Saturday when I was 16 weeks

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