Jamie left today at 5pm for a week in Newark, California (near San Fransisco).  He is attending a training out there and will be busy from 8am-8pm.  This is the longest he has been away since we have, well, know each other.  Sad, I know.  I really hate when he is gone- I don’t sleep as well, I lock every door in the house, Piper sleeps in the room with me, she doesn’t get her late night walks (we have to go during the day light, which throws me and her off), I don’t get my goodnight kiss and I don’t have any to annoy with all of my random thoughts at night (this is when I do my best thinking).  I know I am sounding pathetic but really you should have seen me at the airport this afternoon pouting with the best of them.

It is a good thing that this week is so busy for me and that I am looking forward to joining him on Saturday.  But cross your fingers and probably your toes for me that this week goes quickly and that I do get some sleep…

A pic of my hubby taken last March in Chicago.

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