To the TOP!!!

I know that I have already posted today but… SOUTHERN  MISS is playing UCF this weekend!  I am hardly excited at all.  I made the header months ago and have been waiting until the perfect moment to post it and I think that a week long celebration is appropriate.  I really, really, really have a strong dislike for UCF- actually they make my blood boil and I do a happy dance every time they loose.  I promise that I am not competitive it’s just that I don’t like the knights (not my wonderful friends the Knights- love you Nan and Jeremy) the UCF kind… So, I really hope that we will be able to kick some booty (despite our current record) this weekend.  Either way, it will be a blast, I haven’t tailgated for a Southern game is soooo long!  Man I miss the days when you would walk up to a friends tent and they asked you if wanted a coke and when you said sure they would ask you what kind… long story- ah memories.  

I will post pics of the festivities when I get some.

2 thoughts on “To the TOP!!!

  1. My friend, Carolyn, went to the UCF vs ECU game and said the fans were beyond rude. They even threw stuff at an old man that was a ECU fan. The nerve. We better win@


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