Soon to be Mama, Nan!

My dear friend Nan is going to be a Mama, really, really soon!!  It is just over a month until little Leyton graces us with his presence and I am so excited!  Can’t you tell with all of the “!”?  This past Saturday I hosted a shower for Nan and the little guy out at her place.  I am not sure that hosting a shower at the guest of honor’s house is really PC, but I wanted for everyone to not have to drive too far.  Her husband is a saint and cleaned the house before everyone got there, I really do feel badly about that- sorry Jeremy.  It was a great time, the ladies in attendance were such a hoot (Nan is blessed to work with such great people) and I had a ton of fun decorating and planning for it.  I have attached a few pics for you to enjoy however, if you would like to see more check out my picasa site at

Some of the table decorations

The Diaper Cake

Me and Nan (and Leyton too!)

Nan and Jeremy (her wonderful husband & soon to be Daddy)

One thought on “Soon to be Mama, Nan!

  1. Your pics turned out nicely! Everything was so cute…you should be a party planner/photographer! Can’t wait until Saturday…To the Top!


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