Finally a Mullet Manor Trip

Jamie and I finally made it down to Mullet Manor this past weekend, to the house Jamie’s Grandpa owns near St. Pete on Terra Ceia Island.  We have been trying to get down here for the whole summer but just haven’t been able to; life just kept getting in the way.  We came down Saturday after cleaning out the garage, which is a huge accomplishment by the way.  We moved into the house in April, during spring break to be exact, and have yet to be able to use the whole garage for parking.  The garage was acting as home to everything that had not yet found it’s place in our home.  When we return from the trip I do believe that we will be able to park both cars in the garage- woohoo.  I tell you the things that you get excited about when you are old (yes, I am old- I passed into the late 20’s last week) are really different from things that used to excite me.  Who knew that new vacuums, and clean garages could be so fun?

The trip has been fun.  I spent most of the day yesterday reading and catching up on some Internet surfing, blog reading, etc.  I am currently reading Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman’s Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia right now.  I had some trouble getting started with the book and even though I am mostly through her journey in Italy, I am still not sure about it.  We’ll see.
Yesterday afternoon, Jamie, George and I took George’s boat out for some big time fishing.  We all caught something, although nothing was big enough to keep.  I, unlike the boys in the boat, consider a fishing trip to be successful if you can bring home supper.  I guess this is just further proof that there are many differences between men and women.  It was fun and I enjoyed our time on the water.  I caught a big puffer fish, although I don’t know if that is his technical name or not- but they are the big puffy fish with the spikes, by the eyeball.  Yup, you read that right, I drug him in by the eyeball.  No this is not my usual method of fishing but he either didn’t want the shrimp that was on the hook or maybe it was gone by the time it got to him and he just got in the way; I am not really sure.  But it looked like it hurt, I really do hope that he is okay.
Well I am supposed to be using this time to be productive so I should go and try to do some work, this is my last week of freedom.  Man did the summer fly by.

2 thoughts on “Finally a Mullet Manor Trip

  1. I read that book and really liked it! The India part was really slow for me, but the rest was good. BTW I have started working on your logo…I should be sending you some stuff to look at this week.


  2. I heard that book is supposed to be really good. I hope you are able to push through. I’m reading a book about Buddism right now. It is very westernized and is an easy read.


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