Progress was made!

Progress was made today on the bathroom!  I finally got to the home depot last week to pick up a paint stirrer, so that I could mix up the primer that needed to be put on the bathroom walls.   And drum roll please… this afternoon I finally put the first coat of primer on the walls.  Our guest bath has been sitting unfinished since we moved into the house, yup for the past four months it has been sitting there unable to be used.  There hasn’t really been a push for finishing it because I was going to have a ton of time over the summer and well because we didn’t need it. However, I only have few days left of freedom before school starts and the list of things that we won’t get done this summer almost seems to be getting longer.  Oh well, I guess I will get to it after Homecoming, my after October before the holidays list is already growing.  Is there ever an end?  I will leave with a happy thought, progress has been made :)

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