Charlie and Sarah’s Wedding

The wedding that we went to this past weekend was beautiful, despite the rain and the bugs. Jamie has been friends with Charlie (the groom) since first grade, yes that is 22 years for those of you doing the math.  Charlie and Sarah planned for the ceremony and part of the reception to be held outside in a beautiful state park located next to very pretty bay off of the coast in Destin, Florida.  They are brave people I know, I would never have the courage to plan an outdoor wedding.  When the rain persisted they moved everything into the pavilion, a building on the grounds that resembled a huge screened-in porch.  Everything was beautiful, especially the bride.  The rain stopped long enough  for pictures to be taken outside and for there to be dancing held on the outdoor dance floor.  Jamie has posted the rest of the photos on his Picasa website, if you want to take a look click here
Sadly, Charlie and Sarah have relocated to Hendersonville TN, near Nashville, and we don’t know when we will be able to see them.  Although I know that we will be in touch; the older I get and the more our dear friends move away the more I realize that true friendships survives the distances between them. 

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