On the road again

Jamie and I are on the road again, which feels like a common theme for this summer.  Even though we are not, it sometimes feels like we have been away from home more than we have been home; maybe it’s because of all of the laundry that is either done before we leave or when we get back.  I do not hate laundry, I just want it to ALL be done at once which never ever happens!

We are headed to the wedding of Jamie’s grade school friend Charlie Jorgensen.  It is a destination wedding in Santa Rosa beach, close to Destin, Florida for those of you that are not sure where this is.  We are heading out midday tomorrow, Wednesday, for Bonifay, Florida to stay the night with Jamie’s boss and friend and go for a boat ride (think back to the first day of summer pictures).  Mickey has a new tube that Jamie is destined to try and maybe I will get a few good pictures while we are out.  After that we will be headed to the beach, where Jamie will be hanging out with the guys and I will be either by the pool or on the beach lounging and enjoying a good book.  Jamie has a fishing trip planned (a bachelor party of sorts) for Friday and I am planning on the same, a mix of reading and sleeping.  The wedding is Saturday, I will post any good shots that I get if I can.  After the wedding we will be heading to Pace to see Aunt Denise and the girls.
Well I should go, I am in the process of doing laundry, packing, get the oil changed, dropping off Piper at Grandma’s house and well everything that needs to be done to leave.  Jamie actually won’t have to worry about one thing, except for getting in the car tomorrow.  Must be nice, but I guess this could be considered my “summer job”.

One thought on “On the road again

  1. I know what you mean, Kristen, about the “summer job”– until I got my bookstore job, I found new household “jobs” everyday to work on. It’s a lot more satisfying when you get paid sometimes… :-)Have fun!


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