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Well for those of you that don’t know, I have been tossing around the idea of starting my own Photography company for quite some time, and I think that I am finally going to take the plunge.  However, that leaves me with a rather large dilemma, what am I going to call this company of mine?!?!  I am seriously looking for suggestions, from anyone that has one.  Jamie and I have come up with only one contender, Perreault Photography.  However it might be best to choose something that people can spell and pronounce.  Let me know what you think, especially you Nan, I need something that will look good on a business card.

3 thoughts on “Business Names

  1. Have you thought about what you want to take pictures of? Kids, pets, weddings, families? I would think about how you want to market yourself and go from there. Or you could pick something totally random like “Purple Elephant” photography. Something that people will remember. Also see what domain names are available because I’m SURE you’ll have a website to go with your business and nothing irritates me more than having the name and domain not match. Best of luck on your new adventure.


  2. hmm. Some of the best photographers I have come across have just been their names (Kristen Perreault Photography). I know it may be cliche, but that way you don’t back yourself into a corner by having a name that only works with one type of photography. AND you can establish your name. Just my thoughts though, I’m sure you were hoping for something more creative.


  3. A little cheesy…but what about Piper’s Pictures. People might think you are Piper, but you could use her picture in your logo to try to make it clear. Since i have been without internet for so long, I am very behind on reading your blog. So now you get lots of comments. :-)


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