Lately, Jay and Charlie play really well together aside from when they are clotheslining each other or screaming that the other one “touched them!!” Which for sanities sake I have to believe is normal otherwise padded rooms here I come. Sorry I have sidetracked… Jay and Charlie play well, they enjoy each other’s company and they come up with fun and often times hilarious games together. The other day Jay excitedly announced from the other room that Charlie was his trailer. I didn’t fully understand what he meant until they came around the corner and this is what we saw… And while this may only be ridiculously funny to me and Jamie I thought I would share anyway. Enjoy!

Charlie the Trailer.

p.s That is a “yeehaw” that you hear from Charlie towards the end of the video.

Also, as an added bonus three dancing boys… Seriously the rhythm here is astounding and yes pants are always optional!

Dancing Boys.

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