letters to my boys…

So frequently, I stop and look at these sweet boys of mine and wish they could stay in this stage forever. I get so wrapped up in the day to day that when I stop, slow down and really see them they take my breath away.  I just wanted to write a short note to all of them so one day when they look back they will understand how amazing I think they all are.

Jay Bird- 4 1/2 years old

Dear Jay Bird,

You still refer to yourself as Jay Bird and I love that, I will most likely cry the day that changes. You are a ridiculously smart and talented little boy and each day you surprise me with all that you know and all that you are learning. You love to build, color and race your cars these days and are kept very busy with your wild imagination. You are constantly thinking up new games to play with your brothers; just today you and Charlie were jet skiing away from Luc the shark. And while I don’t think it was necessary to climb half way up the cat tree to escape him I do really love your imagination. The pictures you draw are so amazing and full of details and I love that your face is usually drawn with a big smile. You build the most amazing things, whether it’s a likeness of the Eiffel tower, a pretty detailed dragon or cars and race tracks with your new lego sets. Your creations are wonderful and I look forward to our special lego time at night after your younger brothers are in bed. I love that you run immediately to try and make Luc smile when he is hurt or upset and how you jump up readily to help me whenever you know you can. Your heart is so big, your laugh is infections and your imagination is limitless sweet boy and man o man do I love you!!



Charlie Tuna- 2 1/2 years old

Charlie Tuna,

You have charisma and spunk like no other. You are fiercely determined and stubborn but man are you so gosh-darn CUTE! You adore being included (for the most part) in Jay’s antics and follow him around happily playing along with his games and schemes that he comes up with. You also dote on and take care of Wook (Luc) whenever he is around and are hugging him and kissing him frequently. You provide running commentary for just about everything right now and are rarely quiet. You talk to strangers and frequently ask me what their names are and where they are going; you love knowing peoples’ stories. However, you are cautious and very reserved when it comes to things that are new- play ground equipment, jumping into the pool etc. You take your time with new things and don’t go full throttle until you are sure that you can handle it. You give the absolute best hugs and sugar (kisses) around and I love that you give it so freely. You melt my heart with your sweet spirit and eager curiosity; I love you SO much sweet boy!



Luc- 11 months old


Without a doubt you are the best baby ever. You rarely fuss, and when you do it’s for good reason- you’re hungry, tired or one of your brothers just squished you. You smile at everyone and clap like it’s your job and lately you wave ALL THE TIME. Daddy says it’s your way of spreading happiness. It tickles you to no end when people smile back at you after you wave!  You are definitely a cheer leader and audience for your bothers these days. They goof off around you and you always respond with laughs or big claps; you love this “game” as much as they do. I sincerely love watching you grow and change lately, you are changing by the minute it seems! I love you, sweet boy, and cherish the sound of your sing song “Mom, Mom, Momma”; it’s music to my ears :)


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