a letter for my two year old

silly goofy Charlie at 2 years old
I have a whole bunch of other photos that I took at your “two year old shoot” and I will share them soon but this one is how I want to remember you at this age because it is so totally you…

My sweet Charlie,
Well my sweet boy as I sit here I know that I will not be able to find the right words to accurately describe how much I delight in you. You are my joy, the smile that tugs at my heart the way no other can and quite simply you have stolen my heart along with many others I am afraid…

I am not really sure where to even begin or if I am going to be able to describe you, little one. You are spunky and real and so beautifully created. I am not quite sure how you fit such a big personality in that tiny body of yours! Your Daddy likes to say that you have more personality in your little finger than he does in his whole body; and while that isn’t entirely true I am not sure how else to describe it. You basically have me and the rest of the world wrapped around your little finger because when you smile I am a goner and whatever you want, it’s yours. This is not to say that you are spoiled or rotten because you’re not, your wants are not great or demanding- a taste of Mommy’s “dink”, to use the big boy cup (that not even Jay gets to use), an extra push on the swing, one more bike ride with Daddy, a few more minutes to “make” your Duplo towers before supper, a bite… heck, sometimes the whole bowl… of whatever Mommy or Daddy are eating, extra bubbles in the bath, to be picked up even though I am holding Luc and about three other things. I don’t mind giving into your demands, you just have a way about you that makes giving easy. You have taught me so much because of this.

Lately, I have had the pleasure of more one-on-one time with you. While Luc is sleeping and Jay is at school, I get you all to myself and I am drinking you in. We read stories and build towers, explore the front yard or trace your hands on the driveway with chalk, we cuddle with your blue blankey, we dance in the kitchen or bake together (all the while with you “tasting” to make sure that everything checks out). You are my helper and my buddy throughout the day; helping me to carry things or just keeping me company while I do things around the house. Your hugs are the best and usually start with you running from across the room- so big and all encompassing just like you. Joy and happiness are still two of the best words to describe you, simply put you are just happy to exist! You delight in the little things and when you smile it’s like you know a secret that I can’t wait another minute to know. In the same breath, you are trouble and I have said that from day one. You are stubborn and opinionated and you like to get your own way. You have your Daddy’s determination and pigheadedness and darn if you won’t give in. You are going to give your Daddy and me a run for our money and while I am excited for what is to come I am also a little afraid of what all you are going to put us through!

You love your brothers both Jay and Luc in such unique ways. You are Jay’s playmate and cohort; you will get each other into more trouble than I care to imagine. You are constantly imagining things and fighting monsters and bears with each other or chasing and laughing until you can’t anymore. And while you have yet to full out wrestle with each other I know that it is coming although I know that you will be able to hold your own. But with Luc you are sweet and gentle. You dote on him and tend to his every need. Bringing him paci’s, covering him up with your blanket and asking to kiss his sweet head so frequently. You are the only one to call him Luc-y and it melts me when you do.

Charlie, I hope you always run to things with open arms and a joyful heart, that you continue to delight in the little things and smile as though you know all of the secrets. Promise to share a few of them with me from time to time and I will promise to continue to be your champion, your cheerleader and the one that you can run to. I have no doubt that you will accomplish great things and touch many lives sweet boy since you already have. The best is yet to come and I am so excited to be along for the ride.

Happy Birthday my sweet two year old!


today I am

Luc- 4 months
4 months old… well on the 15th he was, again I am posting late! Even though I am late posting these I am going to anyway; life is crazy busy right now but I know looking back I will appreciate the time I took to write all of this down.

Weight 9lbs 7oz
Height- 24 inches
Head- 50%

Things of Note-
*Weight- His weight has been a bit of a concern, he’s in the 3% currently, since he’s such a peanut. However, we are working hard on stuffing him with tons of extra calories (I am either nursing or pumping around the clock pretty much) and while it has been really tough we have seen improvements in his weight gain and are thrilled! The work isn’t over yet (any and all prayers are still welcome) but things are getting much better.
*He is really the easiest most laid back baby ever! He adores being around people and pretty much happy ALL of the time. There are very few times during the day that he is upset (aside from when he is tired or hungry, and even then it’s not a huge fussing) but aside from that he usually has a huge smile plastered on his face. He really is such a joy to be around!!
*Rolling- He has started rolling front to back but hasn’t gone back to front yet.
*Teething- If I had to guess I would say that the teething process has started, although I would be surprised if he actually got teeth within the next month.
*Luc has really started noticing things and grabbing for stuff. This can be a little problematic from time to time but it’s fun to see that he is starting to notice things around him.

*Being able to see what is going on- Luc loves to face out and be able to see what is going on. He doesn’t want to miss any of that action that is going on around him and always has his little head peering around to see what is going on.
*Blowing Bubbles- he has some ridiculous bubble blowing skills right now. Frequently, you will look over and he has a bubble fountain running down his chin. The downside to this is most definitely that is shirts are usually soaking wet; oh well, nothing a bib can’t help with.
*Being sung to. It’s no secret that my voice is not stellar; however, on the rare occasion that Luc is upset he calms right down when he is being sung to.
*Playing “games”- along with being sung to Luc really enjoys patty-cake, roll-polly and other games where you play with his arms and hands!
*crinkle Toys and Wooden Teethers-
*listening to stories- we don’t get as much time to read to Luc on his own as I would like to but he certainly loves listening to stories along with his bothers.
*his brothers- he adores them, smiles at them all of the time and when he is fussy they can usually make him happy. He soaks up their attention and they love on him SO much. It’s so sweet to watch.

Honestly other than being cold there is not much that this little cutie doesn’t like. He is super patient and really not all that needy. He lets his brothers love all over him and never brings up a compliant! He has been such a welcomed addition to our family and we are enjoying ever minute of watching him grow.

Luc 4 months old

sweet boy sitting up while assisted

Luc 4 months

wide eyes

hands are tasty

famous Luc smiles

Jay at 4 Months
Charlie at 4 Months

date night

I stumbled upon this post while trying to clean up the draft area on my blog. It is ridiculously old, the date happened before I was pregnant with Luc, however, the photos and experience still amuse the heck out of me so enjoy and think of it as a flashback of sorts ;)

A few weekends (ha- more like months ago at this point) ago Jamie and I got the opportunity to head out for a date!  Like a REAL date- one where we went to dinner just the two of us, one where I got to sit through the whole supper, one where we didn’t have to feed anyone or cut anyones food but our own, one where we didn’t have to yell at each other just to hear over the babbling baby and non-stop-talking toddler. It was SO nice, like really nice and it was a little amusing to boot.

We went to  see Brave at the theater (it has been out for weeks so we were the only one in the theater until a family came in right as it was starting) and then we grabbed a bite to eat.  I suggested we head somewhere a little different and decided to go to a place called Bananas on the recommendation of a friend.  Well different is definitely what we got!  Unbeknownst to us (we didn’t see the huge rainbow flag a flying as we walked into the restaurant) all of the watresses dress in drag at Bananas so we were served by Cocoa (see below).  We laughed about it pretty much the whole meal, which was really good by the way, and then saw the rainbow flag as we headed out of the restaurant on our way home.  It definitely wasn’t what we expected but the night out was fun all the same.