popsicles the “clean way”

Flash back to April 2013… I have recently had a few spare moments and was able to go through some older photos. These were taken before Charlie got his first haircut; look at those sweet baby curls….

We occasionally give the boys popsicles in the bath tub (when they have them). The clean up is much easier than it is at the table and as an added bonus they slide all over the tub when they eat them and giggle like crazy.

By the way, Eddy’s Real Fruit popsicles are pretty amazing especially the coconut ones. Grab some at publix when they are BOGO and you will thank me ;)

popsicles in the tub

popsicles in the tub




your brothers always taste better than your own


pucker up

sticky mess

One thought on “popsicles the “clean way”

  1. I love Charlie’s faces! He is saying, “hey, let me try yours. Wow, yours is really good. Ok, I will be begrudging let you try mine.” I can’t wait to kiss their little cheeks!


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