I am not sure why I decided to photograph Charlie (and Luc as well) in the same outfit as I used for Jay’s 3 month photo shoot but I am sure glad that I did! It makes these side by side comparisons of the boys that much more fun! After looking at these photos here are my thoughts

-They all look alike; however, I think they all look very much like their own little people.

-Jay was not as small as we once thought he was.

-Charlie was always as big as we thought he was.

-Luc looks to be the longest of the boys.

-Luc is a peanut, a very happy peanut!! I mean look at those legs!

Enjoy and happy Friday to you!

comparison #1

comparison #2

This one I only have one of Jay and Luc but I included it since it shows how long Luc is in comparison to the other boys.
comparison #3

3 thoughts on “brothers

  1. Great to see the three together. Look at how long Luc’s leg is from knee to ankle. My thought is that Luc will be the tallest of the three boys. It will be fun to watch his growth. They say that comparisons are odious, but not in this case. Their growth is something we have no control over, so we will just have fun watching.


  2. I love seeing the comparison photos. I think in the middle set, their faces look so different one from the other. And yet, you can certainly tell they are brothers! Luc has the biggest smile :)


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