luc’s quilt

Every time I get pregnant I have grand plans to make all sorts of things for my soon to be kiddos. In reality time slips away from me and I don’t get nearly everything done that I want to. I have however managed to make a blanket for each one of the boys; Jay and Charlie’s were crocheted and Luc’s was quilted.

I picked up quilting (I am not sure that is even a true statement since I am still just playing around with the “art”) after Charlie was born so it seemed like the natural choice for Luc’s blanket, that and since I was pregnant in the summer I just couldn’t bare the thought of crocheting during the scorching heat. It’s nothing fancy, I didn’t use a pattern just made it up as I went along, but here it is in all of it’s glory. Isn’t my little quilt-display-helper in the corner cute?

Luc's quilt

a close up

2 thoughts on “luc’s quilt

  1. It is fabulous….quilts are my favorite bed things…I still have (and use) the one my grandmother made for
    me as a child!! It is pink and white with scalloped edges, all of which are frayed and worn. I love it anyway.
    Mother even let me take it to summer camp in the ’40’s!! I hope he loves his as much….bet he will.


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